Corporate and Social Responsibility

  • Climate and Environmental

    We use high visual quality and low environmental impact printing material to meet clients high demand on Green printing for the future. Company has been working in providing solutions for minimizing air pollution by offset inks and for protecting green nature by using ecofriendly inks as an when possible. Our process is developed to make job dry quickly enough to run without set-off and sharp dots, good ink/water balance and high color intensity so it is to be well suitable for quality and environment.

  • Excellent work and turn
  • Good press stability, excellent ink/water balance
  • Usable for various range of stocks
  • Good rub resistance and small dry down effect
  • Better recycling of printed materials
  • Conscious of Safety, Health and Environment
  • Green ink based provision
  • Faster drying and setting
  • Better dot sharpness
  • Conscious of Safety, Health and Environment
  • High gloss and color strength